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Reserve a Consultation or Training Session at our Gymaica Scheduling Page at  Email to reserve other options not listed.  

WiKidFit Personal Trainers are available by reservation Monday through Sunday 6am - 8pm.  Our training programs offer more personal attention and flexibility than other programs because they are exclusive to our training clients in our private fitness studio and live online. This means no waiting to use equipment, and no distractions from other members.  Introverts and extroverts of all fitness levels are welcome in our body positive training environment.  

We do not lock you into any contracts, and we also offer Gift Certificates that can be used towards our various training options.  

All WiKidFit clients must complete a ParQ and Waiver. All training packages are based on you training 1, 2, or 3 times each week for 4 consecutive weeks, or longer.  

Top Questions & Answers

How do I get started, and what are your rates?

Getting started is easy! Reserve a Consultation or Training Session.  We offer several training programs with pricing based on the location, duration, and frequency of sessions you sign up for.  All of our rates are listed with our various training options on our Gymaica Scheduling Page.  

    25-minute Solo packages start at $435

    40-minute Solo packages start at $725

    25-minute Partner packages start at $570

    40-minute Partner packages start at $870

    Reserve Training Sessions and View all of our Rates

What are some key concepts that could be implemented in improving my health?

Some of the elements involved in getting our clients healthy include:

Consultation Call - Discuss your challenges and goals, learn more about our programs, and help our trainers better assess your current fitness level. 

ParQ (Physical Awareness Readiness Questionnaire) - Determine any contraindications to physical activity and become familiar with your lifestyle and health history.

Waiver – Acknowledge the risks involved with any health program.

Basic Body Composition Test - Determine your body fat vs. muscle mass. 

Comprehensive Body Composition Test - Determine your Basal Metabolic Rate to better understand your ideal caloric intake.

Exercise Programming/Workout Journals - Create a syllabus of exercises, stretches, movements, and foam rolling for your goals.

Fitness Test - Assess strength, flexibility, and/or cardiovascular capacity.

Functional Movement Screening - Assess muscle and joint weaknesses, imbalances, and limitations in range of motion.

Food/Diet Journals - Track the time, frequency, amount, content, and location of every meal.

Nutritional Counseling - Discuss nutritional strategies and resources best for your lifestyle.

Photos/Videos - Track your progress.

Gym Planning - Determine necessary equipment for home, outdoor, and/or gym training.

What should I bring to my sessions?

Bring a clean, dry pair of sneakers, a journal to record your workouts and meals, a bottle for complimentary water, and a towel if needed. We also highly recommend eating a light meal at least one hour prior to your training session.

Why should I choose WiKidFit?

WiKidFit offers comprehensive personal training, and exercise programs that involve strength, flexibility, mobility, cardio, and conditioning.   Your program is based on your goals, your schedule, your current fitness level, and your lifestyle. We will educate you on how to effectively make permanent physical transformations. We want you to be healthy and happy for a lifetime - not just while you are training with us.  So, whether you are looking for mommy muscle or senior strength; or if you are a beginner, star athlete, or weekend warrior; or if you are preparing for a wedding, pregnancy, or some other special event, we can help. 

Why should I train at WiKidFit’s Jamaica Plain fitness studio?

Our private JP fitness studio offers a great combination of machines, free weights, and training tools to keep you at your best. We clean our studio daily and always have complimentary water on hand. We can even play music of your choice to keep you moving through your workout. There are no lines and no waiting for equipment. You are always training under the supervision of a qualified trainer who will keep each workout safe, fresh, and challenging. We think you will like our “gym alternative.” 

How is WiKidFit different from other gyms, studios, trainers, etc.? 

Beyond the consultations and other introductory specials that most trainers offer, consider these factors: 

    QUALITY - We are professional trainers who take your health seriously. Anyone training at our facility is there by reservation and is always working with a trainer. We schedule a limited number of people at all times to ensure you are always getting our full attention. By keeping our numbers small we can also vary everyone’s workout based on factors such as health history, genetics, injuries, fitness levels, and goals. Sometimes this means different repetitions, weights, and ranges of motion, etc. and sometimes this means completely different exercises for EVERY participant in the same session. Can’t remember your exercises? We have solutions to ensure that you remember every exercise in your workout plan.  

    CONTENT - Just as variety is the spice of life, it’s also the key to your evolving fitness. No matter what the activity is, it can become stagnant over time, or lead to overuse injuries. Some of our equipment includes a Rogue squat rack, Rogue Airbike, TrueForm curved treadmill, Fringe Sport Olympic plates, Hoist cable crossover, Hoist low back extension, Hoist leg extension, Hoist leg curl, Hoist pull-up bar, Hoist adjustable bench, Ironmaster adjustable bench, Airopes, Bosu balls, Dynamax balls, Power-Systems dumbbells and barbells, TRX suspension trainers, Titan Fitness boxes, Val slides, Body Solid weight plates with ergonomic handles, and more. Yes, we use resistance bands, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, calipers, cables, free weights, functional trainers, foam rollers, theraguns, sand bags, mats, medicine balls, battle opes, jump ropes, selectorized machines, air bikes, stability balls, stretch straps, treadmills, and other equipment,... and sometimes its just you.  

    EDUCATION – Our certified personal trainers have several certifications from recognized national associations and have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. In addition to being certified and insured, we are also passionate, and you will experience that every session. We want our clients to get the best results and research the latest trends for continued progress. In fact, we are required to maintain our certifications with updated continuing education courses at least every 2 years.  

    CREATIVITY – We love a challenge and recognize that sometimes it takes more than determination and hard work to break through those stubborn plateaus or heal those nagging injuries. Many of our clients have been training with us for years with no plans of stopping. What’s our secret? Come find out! 

    LOCATION - Our location is in a vibrant urban setting with ample parking and within walking distance to frequent train and bus lines. We train primarily at our indoor climate-controlled studio, and outdoors when the weather permits, or if it’s needed to meet a specific goal. This means no unbelievably hot, cold, or wet workouts…unless you ask for it. 

Can I train at WiKidFit without a gym membership?

Yes. Our JP studio is specifically for private and  partner training sessions, and is only available during your scheduled training session. You simply pay for amazing training with outstanding trainers. Our trainers are also available for virtual training.

Are WiKidFit trainers certified and insured?

Yes, we require that all trainers using our facilities have one or more current certifications from a nationally recognized fitness organization such as ACE, ACSM, or NASM, and current liability insurance. Beyond these certifications, trainer backgrounds will vary due to practical experience and additional education achieved through training with special populations, and researching topics on flexibility, metabolism, nutrition, motivation, etc.

Can I make up a canceled session?

Yes, you can make up a consultation/training that is canceled or rescheduled with at least 12 hours advance notice, otherwise that particular session will be automatically forfeited. 

Can I ask questions outside of my scheduled sessions?

Yes, between sessions, our trainers are generally happy to answer questions about your fitness program via phone or email. In some cases the trainer may need to allocate a portion of your paid sessions towards researching and creating a response that is specific for your request.

How many days a week do I need to train?

Your goals and availability will help answer this question, but our programs are optimized for 2 or more training sessions each week. We try to work with your schedule and budget to make training a regular part of your lifestyle. Your personal health should not be a temporary commitment and regular training sessions will help keep you accountable. A WiKidFit trainer can educate you on exercises that you can reasonably do at home or another location to extend your workouts. Some of our clients treat their training sessions as an opportunity to build their syllabus of exercises that they can later perform on their own for greater results. Others who want greater accountability will train with us more frequently throughout the week to make sure they stay focused and committed.

What types of individuals do you work with?

We work with everyone from beginners who have never exercised to fitness enthusiasts looking to advance their workout regimen. Whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle mass, increase flexibility, or a combination of all of these, we can develop a personalized program based on your needs and capabilities.

Can a WiKidFit trainer come to my gym or do live online training?

Yes, it’s possible, but you will need advance permission from your gym. For the few gyms, that do welcome independent trainers, you will be responsible for any additional fees that are required of our trainers. Additional charges will apply for training at other locations other than WiKidFit such as your home, community center, etc. We also provide live online training so that you can train with us remotely.

Can training still be effective at home?

Yes. It is a clear benefit to have access to cardio and weight resistance equipment, but depending upon your condition and goals, you can get a great workout with no equipment using your body weight, plyometrics and calisthenics. We can also offer our expertise if you need help on choosing items for a home gym. 

Why should I bother with training?

If you are unhappy with your fitness ability and don’t know where to begin, we can help you be fit and fantastic. For many people it’s the realization that they no longer want to be insecure about their bodies and want to finally combat pending health issues. The benefits of training are virtually endless and include increased strength, energy, flexibility, bone density, and confidence; as well as reduced stress, and reduced risk for many fatal diseases including heart disease, type II diabetes and high cholesterol. Working with a personal trainer provides immediate access to advanced knowledge of effective exercise and nutritional strategies; increased motivation and accountability; and reduced risk of injury to name just a few. Our clients enjoy the constant challenge and accountability of working with a trainer. They know they are expected to arrive on time and train to their full potential each and every session. 

When will I see results?

Results are dependent on many variables. However, we guarantee you will always see faster results and feel more energetic by actually starting a program, than you will by considering a program. With that said, your results will be proportionate to your consistency, commitment to training, genetics, and eating habits. Yes, you can intensify your results with extreme dieting and training, but that is not recommended or sustainable for a long term. By incorporating healthy and reasonable lifestyle changes, you can expect to lose 1 - 2 pounds weekly until you reach a healthy goal weight that is typical for your gender, height, and age. Different approaches work for different people, but the best plans are the ones that can be adhered to permanently. 

What is the basis of your nutrition plan?

Our trainers offer general guidance on healthy food options and preparation. We also recommend that you seek the services of certified dietitians, nutritionists, and/or doctors for very specific medical and dietary advice that is not within our scope as personal trainers. We do not endorse fad diets of any kind. Instead we believe that a proper balance of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and essential oils is the most healthful way to go. We generally recommend 4 - 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day and proper hydration to keep your metabolism going. Every person should follow a meal plan to suit his or her individual needs. 

How long does a trainer/client relationship generally last?

The training relationship can go on for weeks, months, or even years in many cases. We recognize that if given the opportunity, most clients would train with us long-term and participate in weekly sessions on a regular basis. Some clients just need a solid base and a strategically developed program, while others desire increased variety to prevent training plateaus or boredom. Therefore in some cases, clients will train for a shorter term and follow up occasionally for additional workout strategies. Others, even clients who are comfortable working out on their own, but lack the discipline to stay active, will choose to train for a longer term. The most effective method always depends on the individual and their personal goals. Regardless, we realize that if we train our clients safely and effectively, we will eventually work ourselves out of our job. We’ll be sad to see you go, but will look forward to your return.

Will a training program really help me if I feel like I have tried everything already and still have not had any fitness success? 

Yes. Finding that magical mix of exercise science and nutrition that works with your genetics may be difficult, but not impossible. We can also use helpful tools like body composition calculators to truly monitor progress on specific areas of your body as well as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The way we see it, if we haven’t given up, neither should you. Unfortunately, many people resort to extreme diets that are often a waste of money or too dangerous for long-term success. Even more importantly, sometimes they only mask true issues that are preventing progress. We can help you on your way to a healthier and more energetic you, and hopefully avoid another doomed fitness scheme. We will educate you on sound exercises, realistic nutritional guidelines, and lifestyle changes to finally achieve fitness success. You may even discover that you love working out – we do!

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