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“I love WikidFit.  I've been training with them for three years now, with a six-month break for medical reasons.  Dale and Liz have stuck with me through many challenges over the years, and they are always helpful and encouraging.  This is why three years later, I still go twice a week for workouts.  I am 25 pounds lighter than when I started (not bad for someone in her late 40s!), and much stronger.

Their Strength In Numbers program makes workouts affordable.  By working out with up to four people, you pay a lot less, but you still get a lot of individual attention and a workout customized for you.

What's not to like?”

- Kate D., Jamaica Plain, MA

“Dale helped me respond to a shoulder injury.  The docs said it was damage to a nerve and a portion of one upper trapezius was atrophying.  They gave me a few PT appointments and said I was on my own to try to get as much regeneration as possible but more likely to develop compensating muscle strength nearby.

That was 4 years ago, now I’ve never been in better shape, the shoulder is a none-issue and Dale is a permanent part of my life.  Although, unlike some of his other clients, I am still waiting for women on the street to call me a beast.  Dale now tells me that balance is very important and that I should be ready for the New York City Ballet soon.  I’m approaching 70, and he probably thinks I’m hoping for one or the other: the ballet or the women.  Dale likes a challenge, so … why not both?   

But mainly, I’m enormously and eternally grateful to Dale; he’s a real bad man!”

- Tim M., Back Bay

“When I first showed up here nearly two years ago, I was in pretty sad shape.  But thanks to Dale and Liz, I have gotten much stronger and leaner.  I feel a lot better and more energetic.  And I've learned a lot about fitness and strength training.  I see Dale now twice a week.  He's always changing his workouts on me, so I don't get bored (the workouts are generally fast-paced circuits of different exercises that work my whole body).  And he is patient, encouraging, and supportive to people of all fitness levels.  He doesn't let me slack and I appreciate when he encourages me to push a little bit beyond what I think I can do.  Motivating, friendly, and also very reasonable rates!”

- Thomas C., Jamaica Plain

“I just want to let everyone in Boston know Dale & Liz are awesome! 

I have been training with both of them for 16 months (and counting) twice a week which definitely fits into my schedule. I may even try to fit it another day (the workouts are so great!) 

I have lost approx. 35 lbs and can really see the difference in my clothing. Yes! I love the fact that Liz and Dale encourage me even when whining! 

Liz also encouraged me to take up running (which I never thought I would do). I ran the Tufts 10K and a 5K on Thanksgiving of this year.

Keep up the great work guys!”

- Eileen D., Dedham

“Whether you need physical training for a specific event or want to make working out a part of your life this is the gym to go to. They cater to your needs and ensure that you get the most out of your workouts. The workouts are always changing, so you never know what to expect, which makes working out much more engaging and interesting. I need a lot of motivation and they provide it a great deal. They also come up with creative ways to make the workouts more affordable for everyone. If you want trainers that genuinely care about your physical well being this is the place to go. Whatever level you are in be sure to know that WikidFit will take you to another level you didn't even expect to go to.“

- Dolly O., Brookline

“It's always worth the trip to JP to be WIKIDFIT!!

“Since I started working out with Liz and Dale, my upper body has become noticeably more defined. Yesterday a woman on the street outside their studio called me a beast, (and I took that as a compliment.)

There is nothing missing from their gym as far as equipment and their workouts are never repetitive. I like that I learn new exercises or variations on old ones that I can incorporate into my solo workouts. They are friendly, supportive, and during workouts, they are attentive to my form and encourage me to use a little more weight when they know I can do it.

I love Dale's killer ab workouts to start or finish a session and he always does them with us so you know he practices what he preaches.”

- Kate B., Cambridge, MA

“Dale is an extraordinary trainer who has inspired and encouraged me to reach my goals.  When I started training with Dale, he adeptly led me through issues with my knee and back until they were completely resolved.  Often he comes to my training sessions clearly having thought about ways to surmount my sticking points and weaknesses.  His attention to the improvement of my posture is greatly appreciated, as well as the help he has provided in alleviating some of the pain and debilitation associated with arthritis in my left shoulder.   Every training session is different, and I find that I'm still making progress and learning too.  For me he has proven to be the ideal trainer.”

- Daryl B., Jamaica Plain

“I voted for Liz, not only because of her talent to make fitness fun and accessible for everyone, but also because of her commitment to the community and to educating young people on how to stay healthy and active. This is the second year that Liz is donating her time to work with our girls and we are very appreciative of that. She deserves to be named top trainer!”

- Ana A., Hyde Square Task Force, Jamaica Plain

“With Dale’s help, I have (almost always) managed to stick to three workouts a week for the past year.  I’ve never been especially strong or athletic, but Dale challenges me to do all kinds of things that I would never try on my own.  Now, at age 46, I feel strong in ways that I’ve never felt before.” 

- Kate D., Jamaica Plain

“Dale is, by far, the best trainer I've ever worked with. Every workout he gives me is different; he's amazing! His workouts are challenging and it's impossible to get bored with his limitless variations. You have GOT to get some training with this guy; you'll be so glad you did!!”

- Christopher A., South End

“WikidFit is great! I train with Dale twice a week. I usually get bored with strength training routines, but Dale manages to keep my workouts varied, fun and never repetitive.

The studio is great too. The equipment is well maintained with lots of different options. Better than the gym I also belong to.”

- Danielle R., Jamaica Plain

“Dale is everything I wanted in a trainer. His workouts are exactly what I needed to meet my goals.”

- Shawn H., Jamaica Plain

“I’ve been training with Liz three times a week for about a year now.  I actually look forward to it! She is always energetic, amiable, and focused - which is more than I can say for myself at 7am!”

- Lynne G., Jamaica Plain

“I always kid with Dale that he’s never going to get rid of me, but really I wouldn’t mind if that was the truth.  Dale pushes me to the limit beyond every session.  Each workout presents a new challenge and with Dale’s constant support, I’m already making progress.  As a recent college graduate, I have my degree.  Now, with Dale’s help I am getting the body like Beyonce’s I’ve dreamt of to go with it.”

-Margot K., Jamaica Plain

“I just came across my old trainer here and I am so glad! Liz was the best trainer I ever had and I trained with several people at Healthworks in Cambridge and back home in Pennsylvania. She is so nice, unlike some of my former trainers, but I never left without sweat dripping down my back. I wish I had time to keep seeing her!”

- Krang-baby, Boston

“...fantastic knowledgeable and forward thinking trainers.... the best work out environment I have ever encountered.... each visit fuels my desire to attain optimal health and fitness! Dale is very kind and encouraging....”

-Peter S., Boston

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