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Body Composition Testing &

Functional Movement Screening

Fitness is so much more than numbers on a scale.  At WiKidFit, our clients get the best results and most appropriate exercises after completing a Body Composition and/or Functional Movement Screening.  A FMS tests for flexibility and muscle imbalances and helps identify corrective exercises and movements to help those areas.  A body composition calculates your muscle mass and is another great way to start your fitness journey, and evaluate your health as you make progress towards your goals.  Knowing your body fat vs. muscle content also enables you to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and understand the correct amount of calories you need to sustain or change your current body weight.  A full body composition can also help identify which areas of your body need more attention so that your program can be adjusted for maximum results. 

WiKidFit offers both basic and comprehensive body fat testing.  The basic approach, which is included in all of our fitness programs,  involves entering your sex, age, height, and weight into a hand held Omron monitor that calculates your Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI).  

Our complete body composition testing involves circumference measurements and skinfolds on specific areas of the body.  All of those numbers along with the basic testing figures are entered into our software.  This robust software will track all entered measurements and help estimate short and long-term goal dates based on your Basal Metabolic Rate, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), calories consumed, cardio, and resistance training.  

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