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What should I expect at the consultation?

The consultation is an opportunity for you to meet one of our trainers, see our studio, discuss your challenges and goals, learn about our programs, and perform a few exercises if time permits.  Any physical activity performed at the consultation would be to better assess your current fitness level. 


When should I pay for my training?

Full payment for training packages should be made prior to your first training session. Additional charges will apply for training at other locations and for any returned items.  You can pay for your training online with a credit card, or in person with cash, check, or credit card.


What is your cancellation policy?

Clients forfeit any consultation or training session cancelled or missed without 24 hours advance notice, or not completed by the expiration date.  All training packages expire by the date specified.  Your understanding and cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated.


What should I bring to my first workout?

Bring a journal to record your workouts and meals, a bottle for complimentary water, and a towel if needed.  We also highly recommend eating a light meal one hour prior to your training sessions.


What forms will I be required to complete?

All WikidFit clients must complete a ParQ and Waiver.  Depending on your requirements and comfort level, we may do other testing or reviews that may require additional charges.


What are some key concepts that could be implemented in improving my health?

Some of the elements involved in getting our clients healthy include:


ParQ (Physical Awareness Readiness Questionnaire) - Determine any contraindications to physical activity and become familiar with your lifestyle and health history.


Waiver – Acknowledge the risks involved with any health program.


Body Composition Test - Determine your body fat vs. muscle mass as well as your Basal Metabolic Rate to better understand your ideal caloric intake.


Exercise Programming/Workout Journals - Create a syllabus of exercises, stretches, movements, and foam rolling for your goals.


Fitness Test - Assess strength, flexibility, and/or cardiovascular capacity.


Food/Diet Journals - Track the time, frequency, amount, content, and location of every meal.


Gym Planning - Determine necessary equipment for in home, outdoor, and/or gym training.


Nutritional Counseling - Discuss nutritional strategies and resources best for your lifestyle.


Functional Movement Screening - Assess muscle and joint weaknesses, imbalances, and limitations in range of motion.

New Client Consultations are currently complimentary for the next 2 weeks.


New Client Training Packages include:

• 2 Basic body composition tests (optional) 

• 1 Before & after photo (optional)

• 1 Meal/workout journal review (optional)

• 25 or 40-Minute training sessions


SOLO PRIVATE TRAINING (1 client : 1 trainer) 

 1 40-minute Solo session.  $70

 4 40-Minute Solo sessions.  $256

 8 40-Minute Solo sessions.  $496

12 40-Minute Solo sessions.  $720

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DUO PARTNER TRAINING (2 clients : 1 trainer) 

 1 40-minute Duo session.  $100

 4 40-minute Duo sessions.  $352

 8 40-minute Duo sessions.  $672

12 40-minute Duo sessions.  $960

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Gift Certificates

The gift of health is perfect for all occasions.  

WikidFit Gift Certificates can be used towards personal training or merchandise.  Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash, and expire 1 year after the purchase date.

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